01 июля 2016 | Latest news

The taste of Gyumri!

Our company Arevaкar travel visited Gymri yesteday for the shooting of regional dishes.

The visit was on the framwork of the project "Food&Chef Armenia"by the talented food photographer Aleksandr Slyadnev, blogger consultant Anna Mazmanyan and partner company "Arevakar travel".

First stop was in «Parvana Ojax» restaurant. The dishes of the Chef just delighted us as well as the hospitality of the staff. After tasting some dishes from the national cuisine of Gyumri, I personally really liked the "Chlbur" I never tried.

Our second stop was in  «Cherkizi dzor» restaurant. A  very popular fish restaurant in Gyumri, which has its own artificial river where they breed  fish. I was particularly disgraced of atmosphere. It is a very beautiful place, where  you can safely sit, relax and talk.

Last, but not least important  restaurant was  «Yerankyuni». The restaurant is owned by a blacksmith who has a lot of national awards in this area. Everything in the restaurant from the doors to decorations, were made by his hands: a very special place, with fabulous design.

Follow us for more information about dishes and their ingredients I will write about in the next article.


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