05 июля 2016 | Armenian Cuisine, Latest news

''Hartak'' festival in the eyes of ''Arevakar travel''


Yerevan is a party and holiday city especially in summer. In June there were a lot of events. Today we are going to tell you about a festival, where our company was a ''Tourism partner''!

An annual "Hartak Food festival" was held in Yerevan in 25-26 June. This is the first event which was held for the second time for the exchange of experience. During the festival master classes and seminars from representatives of different areas were held. For example; in the program were lectures '' how to lead a healthy lifestyle'', ''Arts and crafts'', ''Cooking''. Especially great excitement caused the last.

  June 26 th was the  great day for master class in Mashtots Park from different Yerevan's restaurants. People could see how to cook, try differt dishes, buy them or just relax.

The Co-organizer of event Anna Mazmanian with great commitment was involved in all matters related to the project.

 We hope this project will continue and involve itself in even more areas. For ''Arevakar travel''  it was a great honor to make tourism contribution to this magnificent idea.

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