26 июля 2016 | Latest news

Tour to Lori region

Our company “Arevakar Travel” took part in tour to Lori region. During the tour we visited three monasteries- Haghpat, Sanahin and Akhtala. All these places have a special charm and carry  centuries-old secrets and stories.

For example, according to legend, “Sanahin and Haghpat” names were selected this way. Father and son together built the monastery complex of Sanahin and during construction they quarreled,  son left his father and  stared to build another monastery himself.Rumors came to his father about the construction of the new monastery and he came to see the work of the son.When he saw the monastery, he said, "Ax pat" which, in Armenian means,- "what a wall", and Sanahin means - "this is older”.

I liked all three destinations, but especially I remember the Akhtala with his drawings on the walls of the church which are still preserved in very good condition.

If you have a chance, you must definitely visit these places.

You come away with unforgettable experiences.


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