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Jazz Festival  ( April 30)

Celebrating International Jazz Day has become a good tradition in Yerevan. On April 30 popular Armenian jazzmen such as LevonMalkhasyan (Malkhas), Armen Tutunjyan (Chico), the Pop and Symphonic Orchestra of the RA Public TV and Radio headed, as well as young jazzmen with their bands take part in the open-air concert held in the area of the cultural and architectural complex «Cascade».The main amazement for jazz lovers is the performance of the guests of the event - the jazz legends who visit Armenia. Last year famous bass-guitarist Richard Bona andpopular singer Roberto Kel Torres were present and had a performance during the festival.Jazz rhythms attract not only townspeople but also the guests of the capital to the festival.


Wine Days in Yerevan

Address: The event will be held at Saryan street from the intersection with Tumanyan and Pushkin streets

Date: 5-6 May, 2017

Time: 18: 30pm-22: 30pm

"Areni" Fund Festival invites you to wine days in Yerevan.

Wine in a drink of philosophers, kings, poets and ordinary mortals. Armenia became the cradle of wine-making, and its capital, Yerevan, has become the center with picturesque restaurants and pubs where you can taste this divine drink.

The program "Wine days in Yerevan" will be held in outdoors and will last for two days.

Day 1

·         Tasting of white and rose wines

·         Restaurateurs will offer special dishes to these wines

·         Will be accompanied with live classical, jazz and rock music


Day 2

·         Tasting of red wine and a special menu offered by restaurateurs

·         Live folk music and Armenian dances


Representatives of the 15 wineries will offer their products to you and the corresponding food to these wines by the restaurateurs.

The Fund will provide coupons with 4,000 AMD cost. The price includes a glass, 3 coupons for wine tasting of three producers at your request, and three “20% off” coupons for food at any restaurant located in the that territory.

Tour operators rely 10% on each coupon.


HAYBUIS»   - festival of Armenian herbs

Dates: 01/07 – 02/07 2017

Place: Tavush region, Yenoqavan vill.

The festival is held for 2 days.  The first day takes place on the huge territory of fantastically beautiful place – a vasr meadow surrounded by forest. On 6 areas there are variety of master classes, theatrical performances, educational excursions, music programs and equestrian show. All guests of the festival take part in preparing the largest Armenian roll – «brtuch» of Armenian lavash, Armenian herbs and cheeses produced in different parts of the country and different countries. Cheeses from other countries are presentd at the festival by Embassies and Consulates of these countries. It turns out the biggest «peace brtuch»!

The second day of the festival – is real acquaintance with Armenian herbs on beautiful routes near Yenoqavan village: «Lastiver» caves and waterfalls, wonderful churches and chapels hidden in the woods. Okonakhach, Samsonavanq, Servansikhach  - are the final destinations of trekking routes, where our guiudes will demonstrate the variety use of herbs.

The target audience: young people and families with children of different ages.

The Concept of the Festival can be expressed with the phrase: «We protecet what we love. We love what we know»

Oraginizer's contacts:+374 60 650652, +374 91 290799


Yerevan with flair  ( June 10)

In June within the frames of “Yerevan summer” three-month program the festival of Armenian cookery “Bread in the mountains” is held in Yerevan under the motto “City with flair”.

“Yerevan with flair” festival has become popular among townspeople and the guests of the capital. The aim of the “Bread in the Mountains” festival called “Yerevan with flair” is to present people the diversity of Armenian festive and ritual cookery. The festival is another opportunity to turn to our roots and to present the world Armenian richcookery heritage.

Yerevanians and the guests of the capital participating in the festival have the opportunity to taste the traditional Armenian dishes familiarizing themselves with the ancient Armenian culture and cookery traditions.


The annual Syunik Festival – (01.07 2017)

Title "Tuta"

Date and time of the event: the first Saturday of July starting from 13:00pm

Venue:  Syunik, Community of Goris, Qarahunj

Protocol: the products made of mulberry/Tuta of Syunik region will be presented


1. "The best mulberry vodka" / or the highest degree mulberry vodka

2. "The Best doshab" / or Useful wort - doshab /

3. Dried mulberries "/ or sun-dried in mulberries /

4. "Syunik dishes"

The festival will showcase national traditions and the gifts of nature of Syunik region.

The goal is the preservation of the national culture, traditions and customs of the region. Development of regional eco-tourism ...


Watermelon festival  ( July 15. 2017)

Watermelon Festival is held in the area of the Swan Lakeand bringsYerevan special bright colours and high mood. During the event, the carving specialists present their skills in watermelon design in the pavilions of 12 administrative districts. The festival is accompanied by the concert program of popular performers. During the festival the representatives of show-business treat watermelon to townspeople and the guests of the capital.Game-competitions are organized during the event, the winners of whichare awarded by Yerevan Municipality and partner organizations. Every year a number of surprisesis increasing to make the fest more interesting.


Vardavar (Religious holiday/Water fest)   July 23  2017

Vardavar is beloved holidaynot only forYerevan citizens but it also attracts tourists who take active part in their celebrations. Events dedicated to Water fest (Vardavar) are held in all administrative districts of the capital. In the framework of festival events the parade of water sprinkling trucks and washing of monuments are held. Celebration starts early in the morning at churches with the liturgy dedicated to Transfiguration during which and the ceremony of water blessing is served.

The main events are held in the main water areas of the capital- at Swan’s Lake and at the fountains of Republic square. Numerous townspeople and guests of the capital take part in the fest watering one another.  Happy, festive program at Swan lake is accompanied by a DJ providing cheerful and lively rhythms, thanks to which Swan lake transforms to a unique “water disco".Fire engines sprinkle abundant amount of water in the lake area, inspiring festival participants.

So Water fest is marked everywhere. And adults aresometimes even more active than children.


Yerevan Taraz Fest  (August 5 2017)

One of the most interesting events is YerevanTaraz Fest, organized by Yerevan Municipality. Best Armenian designers present their works using traditional elements of the national costume.

Taraz reflects the history of the people, their culture and passed way. This festival is the opportunity to return to the roots and at the same time to introduce Armenian traditions in a new way.

The exhibition-sale, organized within the framework of the festival, as well as fashion show of national costumes and modern clothes in the style of Taraz are accepted with great enthusiasm.



Honey and berry festival has been held since 2012 in the picturesque reserve of Berd town of Tavush marz.

The main participant of the festival is the population of the region with their cultivated yield, sweets, art and crafts. Usually the number of participants reaches up to 200. All this is accompanied by a delicious traditional cuisine and wonderful music.

The event begins in the evening preceding the event with a special cultural program. In 2016 the concert of Armenian State Jazz Orchestra in Pine Park has been organized. The very festival begins the next day at 11 am and continues until the late evening.

A tent camp is built traditionally in the territory of the festival.

The average number of the visitors of the festival is 3000: wonderful people from different angles of Armenia, tourists, representatives of international organizations and embassies, officials.

This year the festival will take place on August 13.


Yerevan Beer Fest   (August 19. 2017)

Every year in August Yerevan Beer Fest organized within the frames of the three-month municipal program of events “Yerevan summer” gathers beer fans in the area of SwanLake. The best traditions of Armenian brewery, almost three-thousand-year history of brewery are presented by the leading beer producers at the Armenian market, by the beer restaurants, cafes and pubs of the capital.

                The number of visitors during previous years was more than 4000. The aim of Yerevan Beer Fest is to introduce the specialties of Armenian beer and brewery and to unite Armenian beer producing companies on one platform.

During the festival numerous contests are held such as fastest beer drinking, drinking fastest with a straw, tasting sausages, fastest peanut peeling, fastest crayfish eating and other contests.


“GATA  FEST”     (30.  09. 2017)

Date and time: the last Saturday of September starting from 12:00pm

Venue: Khachik village, Vayots Dzor region

The description of the festival program

The residents of Khachik village represent the products of their harvest. Visitors and guests will witness the preparation of gata and other traditional dishes which are peculiar to that region, at the same time they will have the opportunity to taste the biggest gata in the world (national pastry) in diameter of 3 meters. During the festival there will be traditional music, dance ensembles, songs and folk games will be held.

The purpose is to save the national spirit. Visitors and guests will have the opportunity to witness the Armenian traditions and customs.


 “ARENI” WINE FESTIVAL  (6th of October Village Rind, 7th of October Village Areni)

Date and time: the first Saturday of October in the village of Areni starting from 13:00pm

On the eve of the first Saturday of October, that is, Friday at 17:00pm, in the village of Rind, the ceremonial start of the festival will be held, where the products of the harvest and domestic wine producers will be presented.

At the end of the day a special committee / jury / will choose the best domestic wine in secret ballot and will determine the winner, but the nomination ceremony will be held on the final day in the village of Areni.

The festival will be accompanied by traditional songs and dances.

During the festival in Areni village more than 150 manufacturers of domestic wine producers of all VayotsDzor region will present their wines, as well as more than 15 wineries of Armenia and Artsakh will be present there.

Special recreation areas, pavilions for fast food and cafes will be arranged for visitors. The program of the festival in Areniincludes national dances, songs, dances, traditional games, theatrical performances, shows. Guests can taste wine, try local regional dishes and the enjoy the joyful day.


Erebuni-Yerevan  (October 7,8.  2017)

Over the years since 1968 the most beloved and the most awaited city event is certainly the celebration of the city foundationnamed “Erebuni-Yerevan”, which is held on the second Saturday and Sunday of October.It is a vibrant celebration with national music, performances, exhibitions and open-air concerts.

Every year it is a kind of synthesis of a long historical traditions and modern solutions ofcreativeself expressiveness. This day you can attend the exposition of ancient Urartu cuneiform writings, get acquainted with the elements of the urban culture indifferent outdoorfairs, become a member of a concert karaoke program consisting of songs dedicated to the capital, get acquainted with the cultural characteristics of ethnic minorities living in Armenia, become a witness of the historic reconstruction of the events dedicated to the city foundation, held in front of the City Hall. The list of programs can be continued for a long time. Yerevan and its residents celebrate the birthday of the city with great joytogether with the guests of the capital.


Celebrating Ghapama Da21.10.2017

 BEST WESTERN AGHVERAN hotel will be pleased to invite you to participate in the celebration where you will taste traditional Armenian “Ghapama”.

The program is as follows:

13:00- departure from Yerevan

14:00 – arrival at BEST WESTERN AGHVERAN hotel

* Armenian music

* “Megeryan Carpet” exhibition

* Exhibition by “Teryan” cultural center

18:00-21:00 – Disco party

21:00 – Return back to Yerevan

In case of group of 10 people per person price will be 15 000 AMD.

The price includes:

*Transportation by a comfortable vehicle


*Musical program

*Exhibition by Armenian masters

For details and tickets please call by the following phone numbers: 010 52 62 26, 010 52 51 21, 094 52 62 25


Dolma Party 11.11.2017

 BEST WESTERN AGHVERAN hotel keeps the traditions of serving national Armenian dishes. This day will be dedicated to our famous “Dolma”.

We are pleased to invite you to participate in this celebration and taste more than 15 kinds of Armenian traditional “dolma”.

The program is as follows:

13:00- Departure from Yerevan

14:00 – Arrival at BEST WESTERN AGHVERAN hotel

*Armenian wine tasting

*Tasting more than 15 kinds of Armenian traditional Dolma

*Master class by chief cook Yohanna Araqelyan

*Games and contests

18:00-21:00 – Disco party

21:00 – Return to Yerevan

In case of group of 10 people per person price will be 15 000 AMD.

For details and tickets please call by the following phone numbers: 010 52 62 26, 010 52 51 21, 094 52 62 25




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