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Armenia Wins 10 Gold Medals at International Wine Awards

NEUSTADT, Germany—Armenian wine companies were awarded 23 medals–10 gold and 13 silver–at the 2017 Mundus Vini Grand International Wine Awards in Neustadt, Germany, announced the Armenian Ministry of Agriculture Armenia on March 2.

Taking place from February 23-26, the participation of Armenian winemakers was made possible by the Winemaking and Viticulture Foundation of Armenia with assistance of the CBI, a center for promoting imports from developing countries.

Nineteen winemaking companies represented Armenia in the competition, presenting 58 wines and sparkling wines.

“Armenian wines is the topic of the evening,” read part of a Mundus Vini Facebook post on February 25, with more than 44 countries represented at the event.

About 200 wine experts from all over the world judged almost 6,200 wines, including Trinity LLC winemaker Artem Parseghian, the first representative of Armenia in the jury.

“At the 20th anniversary event of Mundus Vini, which is regarded all over the world as one of the leading competitions for sparkling, still and liqueur wines, wines from abroad also received 275 medals, while those of less well-known origins such as Armenia, Mexico, Russia or China appealed for their excellent qualities,” read a Mundus Vini press statement on Tuesday.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Golden Grape Armas factory CEO Victoria Aslanyan at the competition’s gala dinner presented on Armenian wines, winning the “Best Presentation” award.

Armenian wine award winning list:


2015 Van Ardi Areni, Kakhet, Haghtanak

2015 Van Ardi Areni Reserve

2015 Van Ardi Syrah Reserve

2013 ArmAs Karmrahyut Reserve

2015 Voskevaz Karasi collection Voskehat

2014 Takar Reserve

2013 Karas Reserve Winemaker’s Selection Blend

2009 Old Bridge Red Dry Reserve

2015 Getnatoun Areni Noir Aghavnadzor Village

2014 Trinity Eh Areni Noir



2013 ArmAs Voskehat Reserve

2016 Armenia Muscat

2014 Tariri

2014 Takar Areni

2015 Voskevaz Hightanak

2014 Voskevaz Voskepar Voskehat

2015 Karas White Dry Wine

2015 Karas Red Wine

2015 Getnatoun Voskehat

2015 Koor Dry Red Wine

2014 Koor Reserve

2014 Chateau Rind

2014 Kataro Sireni Reserve Togh


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